Koonasari Chockalingam‘s bent back became normal due to his 41 days of ‘Viradha‘. He constructed a ‘math‘ for the devotees in thankfulness and devotion.
An old woman got completely cured from leprosy.
The younger brother of Koon Pandian got relieved of his curse and also got cured from his disease here.
During colonization, an English collector who ruled Tirunelveli District tried to root out Sri Suyambulinga. It ended in vain as he could not find the lower end of the idol.
When the construction of temple was in progress, two bullock carts carrying stones from Kanyakumari District were moving towards Ovari. When they tried to cross the river ‘Nattaru’ near Valliyoor, one of the bullock carts was washed away by flood. The man who went with him prayed to God to save his friend. A vision appeared that the Lord was galloping fast on the back of a White Horse. In a split of seconds the vision vanished. To his wonder, he found his friend and the bullock cart safe pushed aside by the flood.
Munnodi Raj from Madurai was advised by the doctors of Sathiya Saibaba Hospital, Bangalore to undergo an operation one year later to solve his heart valve problem. He had strong belief in Sri Suyambulinga. The priest of the temple advised him to eat a very little quantity of powdered sandal of the temple every morning. When Munnodi Raj went to the hospital a year later for operation, the doctors found it a medical miracle that he was completely cured and there was no need for an operation.
An old woman from Pandara Puram (K.K.dist) had pricked by a very big thorn which made a very big hole in her leg. She was unable to bear the pain. She under went treatment in many hospitals which all proved fruitless. Finally, she surrendered her problem to Sri Suyambulinga. The priest gave her sandal and neerium of flowers and advised her to grind both and apply it on the wound. The old woman did it as advised by the priest continuously for some days. The wound healed and pain disappeared.

There are many other incidents as said above which glorify the power of Sri Suyambulinga. Each and every devotee has witnessed it and experienced it.

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