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Ovari is a beautiful landscape by the shore of the Bay of Bengal in Tirunelveli district, Tamilnadu. It is a place known for spirituality and nature. The land has its own significance. The place is decorated with the ornaments of nature like tall palm trees, the jasmine spreading pleasant odour, the joyous sea always making merry, the cows grazing with their young ones and Ipomea Biloba spreading at the sea shore like green carpet. All these pastures add charm to the divine place, Ovari. Lord Shiva, the presiding deity of the place showers his grace and blessings on the devotees.

Ovari is located between Koodankulam and Tiruchendur. Ovari is the only place in Tamilnadu that has a shiva temple beside the sea. Besides Sri Suyambu Linga (Lord Shiva) Brahma Shakthi Amman also showers her blessings presiding in a temple by the left side of Lord Shiva’s shrine. The village Ovari is divided into two parts, East Ovari and West Ovari. The main Occupation of this village is Farming, Rearing Cattles and Fishing. Ovari is a mixture of many communities. The greatness is that they all live together maintaining communal amity. The majority people of East Ovari were Yadahava Community. The Yadhava people depended on cattle rearing for their livelihood. The men of the community look after the cattle and the women of the community prepare Curd, Buttermilk and Ghee at their homes and take these along with the milk of the cows on their head to sell in West Ovari. The East and the west Ovari were once connected by a narrow path.

The ladies of East Ovari had to walk through it to reach west Ovari. The rest of the place was covered with ‘Kadamba Kodi’ (Ipomea Biloba) Women walking in rows with mud pods filled with milk and other diary products one on the other on their heads is a feast to the human eyes. Usually ladies go to sell their products in the early morning. One day in the distant past, when they were all walking so, one woman happened to stumble accidentally, that she fell down off the path on the creepers (Ipomea Biloba)The poor woman was afraid that her husband might become angry and behave brutally for not bringing home money. The fellow women consoled her and send her home. The poor woman was walking home in panic without money and without pots. The husband of the women didn’t take that happening seriously as expected by the women.

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